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We launched second generation of self-locking screw connector


In December 2016, We developed for the introduction of airborne or high vibration environment, the use of the second generation of self-locking screw connector and its cable assemblies.

The second generation of self-locking screw connector and its cable assemblies inherit the advantages of a generation of products in the thread sleeve of anti-loose convenient applications, while increasing the plug, socket between the shell anti-transfer function, the thread sleeve of self-locking products to achieve the overall Anti-turn, thread sleeve of anti-loose qualitative leap. Thus greatly improving the reliability of the product, an effective solution to airborne or high vibration environment due to rotation between the shell or loosen the thread sleeve of mechanical and electrical failure.


Second-generation screw sets of self-locking connectors and cable assemblies compared to a generation of products to achieve the application of stainless steel materials to improve the protection of the product performance. Increased locking in place logo and screw tightening in place logo, used to remind the product is inserted, locked in place. At the same time through a number of details of the optimization, the use of products feel more smooth, soft, improve the product experience.


This product has the advantages of high reliability, simple installation and disassembly, convenient operation and so on compared with the traditional screw-type safety wire hole anti-loosening method, and the space is small, which can meet the requirement of close installation. The use of high frequency up to 18GHz, electrical performance, high-performance products using high-performance materials and technology, has a high moistureproof,mould proof, anti-salt spray capacity for harsh environments long-term use.



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